25 Best Personal Finance Articles of 2023 25 Best Personal Finance Articles of 2023
Fioney Top 25 Must-Read Personal Finance Articles 2023

25 Best Personal Finance Articles of 2023

Every month here on Fioney, we compile the Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month. These lists consist of blog entries and posts that we appreciated or found interesting and that we felt deserved some additional recognition. Well, with 2024 now just around the corner, we decided to look back over the previous year to assemble the 25 Best Personal Finance Articles of 2023!

Below are some of the articles that caught our eye over this past year along with the authors behind them and the site on which they originally appeared. By the way, since ranking all of this great content would certainly prove a daunting task, they are instead presented in no particular order. So without further adieu here are the best personal finance articles from 2023.

The Top 25 Best Personal Finance Posts of 2023

14 Tips for Mindful Spending — Britney DiTocco, How to Money

A major reason why many people end up overspending is that they simply don’t think before going ahead with a purchase. That’s why engaging in mindful spending instead can have a positive impact on your finances overall. Wondering how to be more mindful with your spending? Britney highlights 14 ways to do just that.

The Psychology of Overspending Time Value Millionaire

Beyond mindlessness, there are several psychological factors that lead us to spend our money. Because of this, reversing these habits may not be as easy as simply looking to cut back. This article from Time Value Millionaire shares some of the ways psychology plays a role in our money habits and how we can use this knowledge to make changes.

Failing at Early Retirement Go Curry Cracker

For those who elect to retire early, going back to work can feel like a major failure. However, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. As Go Curry Cracker shares, gaining a part-time job in early retirement can have some benefits… as well as a few drawbacks.

The Hidden Cost of EverythingSteve Adcock

One of the biggest complaints from consumers revolves around hidden costs. After all, who enjoys being surprised by unexpected fees or expenses? Well, on that note, Steve has some bad news for all of us as he explains that there are types of hidden costs in everything.

I Don’t Want to Work Anymore: 15 Realistic Solutions When You Face That DreadFive Year FIRE Escape

Whether after a long weekend, a vacation, or just another day at the office, there’s a good chance that, throughout the course of 2023, at least some workers realized that they didn’t really want to be doing what they were doing anymore. So what happens then? Five Year FIRE Escape highlights some possible solutions that could help you move away from your current job.

How to Become a High Maintenance Shopper — Renee, The Fun Sized Life

As many of us know all too well, spending money is easy when you aren’t a picky shopper. In turn, learning to be a more “high maintenance” consumer can be a great way to save money (and purchase better quality items). Ready to get started? Renee gives you a rundown of how to become a more discerning shopper.

The Secrets of Stealth Wealth Physician on Fire

Do you think you could easily spot who is wealthy and who isn’t just by looking in a crowd? Most people would probably presume they could on the notion that those with money would likely flaunt it by driving fancier cars, wearing nicer clothes, and more. That may be true for some but, for others, there’s the practice of “stealth wealth.” If you’re curious about exactly what that means, this post from Physician on Fire lays it all out. 

Why Coast FIRE is Better than Traditional FIRE — Andy Hill, Marriage Kids and Money

As we’ve discussed on these Top 10 lists before, there are now several “flavors” of FIRE. One that’s been gaining a lot of traction in recent years is called Coast FIRE. So what makes this particular approach so attractive? Andy breaks down Coast FIRE and why he prefers it to the traditional version.

The Quiet Power of Rejecting “Comfort Creep” — Charlie Brown, Simple and Straightforward

Are you too comfortable? That may sound like a strange question but it turns out that the answer may be “yes” — or, at least, your seeking comfort might go too far. Like lifestyle creep, comfort creep can have a big impact on our lives, as Charlie explains in this article.

Do You Have a Treasure Map? — Jim Wang, Wallet Hacks

We’ve all seen movies where the main characters set off to find a treasure, often relying on a strange map and some other clues discovered along the way. That might be fun in fantasy worlds but, in real life, you don’t really want to send someone on a wild goose chase when they may need direct access to your financial information. Hence, Jim looks at how to create your own treasure map that could come in handy in the future.

The Key To Making Good Financial Decisions: Connecting With Your ‘Future Self’ — Tim Maurer, Forbes

One of the main reasons why younger adults don’t often save for retirement (even though they’d benefit greatly from it) is because the goal seems so far away. Of course, this phenomenon doesn’t disappear so easily as it can still take some people a while to realize that they need to begin preparing. However, Tim has found a way to help you make better financial decisions today and set you up for tomorrow: consider your “future self.”

Investing for 100-Year OldsMoneyvator

Did you know that studies suggest 50% of those born after 2000 will live to be at least 100 years old? While this is good news overall, it also begs the question: how do you invest in a way that will serve you until you’re in triple digits? This article from Moneyvators offers a few suggestions on that front.

How Much Money Does it Take to Feel Wealthy? — Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense

What exactly does “wealthy” mean? As it turns out, the answer can vary greatly depending on who’s answering the question. Heck, as Ben highlights using recent data, some people may have conflicting feelings themselves.

Yes, You Should Pay Off That 3% Home Mortgage — Dr. Cory S. Fawcett, Financial Sucess M.D.

When it comes to debt, it’s common to hear that there are two types: good debt and bad debt. As part of this, “good debt” is usually defined as low interest. In turn, some suggest that it may be better to keep the low interest debt on the books while using funds in other ways (such as investing). While that can make sense, Dr. Cory explains why you actually should consider paying off your 3% interest mortgage if you have the opportunity to.

How Retirement Is Like College (And Why I Love Both) A Purple Life

On the surface, college and retirement couldn’t seem further apart. That’s because, for most people, they happen during completely different times in our lives, taking place decades apart. However, as Purple explains, there may be more similarities between these two life stages than you might realize.

The Return on Hassle Spectrum — Nick Maggiulli, Of Dollars and Data

When looking at returns from an investment, one set of numbers might not tell the whole story. Furthermore, beyond the money, the amount of work put in to earn those returns can also paint a very different picture. With that in mind, Nick highlights the Return of Hassle Spectrum that aims to take all of this into account.

Make Doing Nothing the Default Joe Wiggins, Behavioural Investment

When it comes to investing, we often feel like we need to do something when major moves happen. Alas, that’s often not the case. In fact, as Joe explains, investors should actually make doing nothing their first instinct in most cases.

If Your Employer Refuses To Negotiate Salary, Try These 11 Creative Counteroffers — Lauren Torres, Bitches Get Riches

Negotiating salary with a new or existing employer can be an intimidating task. Even worse, when they shut down your requests, you may need to find other ways to sway things in your favor. With that in mind, Lauren offers some creative counteroffers to consider.

12 Terrible Ways To Make Money That the Internet Needs To Stop Pushing — John Schmoll, Frugal Rules

For years, the term “side hustle” has been just about everywhere you look. In turn, several money-making “opportunities” have popped up on list after list of such hustles. However, as John notes, it may be time to retire some of these ideas as the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

Why “Make Your Coffee at Home” is About More Than Just Saving a Few Dollars — Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist

The Latte Factor may be one of the most controversial and dare I say mocked concepts in personal finance. So, when Joshua recently included “make coffee at home” on a list of money-saving habits, he saw some pushback. Yet, as he explains, there’s more to this idea than just saving a couple of dollars a day.

Spreading Out the Misery — Katie Gatti Tassin, Money with Katie

Are you one of those people who slowly peels off a bandage or one that rips it off? Judging by this article, Katie may well be the former. Looking at both anecdotes and data, she explains how “spreading out the misery” can actually be a useful approach to life and finance.

So, We Bought a House: What Changed My Mind About Owning — Kyle Burbank, Money@30

After years of renting, what leads a person to decide that it’s time to buy a home instead? Furthermore, given the aforementioned challenges facing homebuyers in the current economy, what are new homebuyers to do? Well, as it turns out, Kyle has some insight into both of those questions as a recent first-time homebuyer. In his article, he explains why he and his wife decided to buy (and why now).

Money Presents Opportunities You Aren’t Expecting — Jewels, One Frugal Girl

It’s often said that money is simply a tool. Similarly, money can be used to fuel opportunity. On that note, Jewels points out that, sometimes, these opportunities can even be ones you may not have been expecting.

5 Common Failures in Personal Finance — Jesse Cramer, The Best Interest

Succeeding at finance is rarely as easy as some might assume it to be. That’s because there are many errors (both large and small) to be made that can lead us astray. In particular, Jesse highlights five common areas of failure that can impact your personal finances.

Understanding and Overcoming FOBO (Fear of Better Options) Darius Foroux

You’ve probably heard the term “FOMO” — but have you heard of FOBO? Like the fear of missing out, the fear of better options can also impact your life and finances. In this post, Darius not only takes a closer look at FOBO but also shares how to overcome it.

Thanks for checking out our top 25 personal finance articles published in 2023 and a huge “thank you” to all of the bloggers who have continued to put out great content all year long. Here’s to a hopeful and happy 2024.

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