Personal Finance Podcasts You Should be Listening To Personal Finance Podcasts You Should be Listening To

Personal Finance Podcasts You Should be Listening To

20160105213357-bigger-pockets-podcastIn older times those wanting a healthy dose of personal finance advice might look to books, radio, or cable TV to find a money guru and get their thoughts. Some even spent considerable amounts to attend conferences and hear their favorite guru speak. While all of those mediums still exist and thrive, a newer source for personal finance insight is podcasts.

Podcasts are great for a number of reasons: 1) they’re usually free 2)  they can be listened to on the go, at work, or at home and 3) they’re a great way to easily get advice from multiple sources. Recently Brandon Turner wrote a piece for Entrepreneur about six podcasts that will “make you richer in 2016.” These shows are a great jumping off point if you’re looking to supplement your personal finance knowledge and get some fresh perspective.

Taking the top spot on his list is The Stacking Benjamins Podcast. Hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy and OG, the show is not only educational but is also humorous in its approach to personal finance. Additionally the podcast covers multiple topics per episode promising something for everyone.

Next on the list is The Dave Ramsey Show. You’re likely familiar with Ramsey — one of the top financial radio show hosts of our time — and his Seven Baby Steps. The podcast version of his show simply breaks his traditional broadcasts into hour long (40 minutes without commercials) blocks for download. If Ramsey isn’t available in your area or doesn’t air at a convenient time, checking in on his show via podcast is a good option and will surely help you to stay financial grounded.

While podcasts like The Dave Ramsey Show are fairly generic in terms of what’s covered other podcasts have a particular area of expertise. That’s the case with Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income which focuses mainly on online entrepreneurship. Perhaps the highest praise Turner bestows on this program is that he’s “never finished a show without several actionable pieces of advice to apply to my own business.”

Another great thing about podcasts is that they can be a form of free education. That’s true of Radical Personal Finance which gives in-depth looks at a number of financial topics. Similarly the So Money podcast has featured guests ranging from Tony Robbins to Jim Cramer that could definitely teach you a thing or two about money.

Lastly Turner includes his own podcast on his list. Granted, the BiggerPockets podcast might not be for everyone since it focuses exclusively on real estate investing. However if you are interested in the topic I can attest that the show is both entertaining and informative.

Today’s world offers more resources than ever for learning about personal finance — as long as you know where to look. Podcasts are a growing medium where everyday people and entrepreneurs can seek advice and get their financial questions answered on their own schedule. While all of these show are a great place to start your podcast journey new ones are popping up all the time so be prepared to fill your commutes accordingly.

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